Do you need:

  • High-quality digestible content that will engage readers? 
  • Content that shows health expertise to enhance your traffic, leads, and sales?
  • An educated writer with expert knowledge in health conditions, mental health, and healthy lifestyles?

I create content that:

  • Demonstrates expertise and knowledge to help increase the credibility of your website.
  • Is easy to read for both consumers and businesses.
  • Puts keywords into relevant and engaging writing to help boost SEO.
  • Helps your business generate leads, sales, and traffic.
  • Saves you time and energy because you’re too busy to worry about content creation!

I’m a former nurse with a Master’s degree in nursing and writing expertise in:

  • Academic articles (writing and editing)
  • Curriculum development
  • General public health education



  • My writing is elegant and has a strong voice in the health and lifestyle field. 
  • I understand your need for content that educates and holds the attention of readers.
  • I can provide SEO-friendly writing that has value for your readers.
  • My nursing background gives me an advantage in giving you excellent content.
  • I create high-quality blog posts, articles, education materials, or white papers.

When I’m not writing:

  • I’m taking long hikes with my partner and our dog. 
  • I’m also a traveler and photographer and took a road trip through Mexico for a year. 
  • I run a travel blog and sell photo prints and have won a few awards.
  • I love nature, warm places, and dabbling in the arts.
  • My other passions and interests are mental health advocacy, social justice, natural health, and sober living.

If you’re you interested in working with me, please visit my services page for more info.